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Radiation protection calculation tools for everyone

A set of practical, easy-to-use, validated calculation tools that address many situations encountered in radiation protection. They will allow you to improve your expertise level.

All our calculation tools are now available in English.

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What we offer

A set of calculation tools (total of 13) covering most of the field in radiation protection: gamma, beta and neutron external exposure, internal exposure, atmospheric transfer and more. You will find on this site explanatory videos for each tool and their validation files (downloadable pdf).


Software pack

Find all Dosimex utilities with specific videos: operational pack, learning pack, measurement pack



Validated via MCNP, RayXpert, Microshield and Mercurad. Access all documentation associated with Dosimex-GX



We guide you to take in hand these calculation tools by adapting us to your specific problems

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We offer you other videos dedicated to nuclear physics, radioactivity, radiation-matter interaction, statistics and metrology...

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I use DOSIMEX, which gives me total satisfaction, both by the quality of its results and its ease of use, in the training of personnel from the Ministry of the Armed Forces. It has, among other things, the strength of taking into account common situations faced by MinArm agents, both in the roles of medical PCRs (thanks to the X-ray calculation module!) as well as those involved at all levels in the industrial field (from PNR to engineer). Finally, it is so easy to use that almost all the PCRs we train have adopted it in their units.

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